Our Work


Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN-Nepal) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1993. CONCERN-Nepal was first conceived of by a group of child rights activists and environmentalists dedicated to lessening the plight of children living in unhealthy conditions. CONCERN-Nepal was officially registered in 1994 and became affiliated with the Social Welfare Council under the Women, Children and Social Welfare Ministry of Nepal.

CONCERN-Nepal began actively working in 1994 through the production of a survey on the situation of child-porters in Kathmandu Valley. In its first seven years it gained wide experience thorugh working with organizations, such as UNICEF, Action Aid-Nepal, the International Labor Organization, and Save the Children. Over the past twenty years, CONCERN-Nepal has conducted research on children working in the mechanical sector, stone quarries, brick factories, restaurants, tea shops, and along highways. Using this research CONCERN-Nepal has developed many programs over the years to combat the worst forms of child labor.


Our mission is the gradual eradication of child labor.


To achieve out mission we:

  • Advocate for child rights within local communities
  • Empower children living in high-risk environments
  • Motivate children to pursue their education
  • Provide safe environments for children to study and play
  • Assist with poverty alleviation